Welcome to Portland Maine! Check the links and the calendar for local events, milongas, practicas and classes. Please, do stop by and dance with us when you are in the Portland area!

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Classes and Workshops!

Milongas and Events!

  • Milonga la Coqueta -   Next one May 23 with DJ Adira ***Change of venue this time only! BRIGHT STAR WORLD DANCE corner of Spring and High sts.***. Pre milonga class 8:15 – 9:00 with Emma: Fast milonga techniques, leader embrace needs and lightning follower footwork.

New to dancing at milongas?
We’ve put together some helpful tips for understanding their social codes and enjoying yourself– click here


Tango Digital Archive!

What are we doing to preserve the international musical treasure of Tango Music? Partnering with Buenos Aires musicians and artists to create an online digital archive, of course! To learn more about this – click here!